Search and find Kabelio

For the Kabelio channels to appear in the list of programmes of your reception device, you must perform a channel search on your TV with built-in satellite reception or satellite receiver. To know exactly how this works, please check the operating instructions of your TV or satellite receiver.

For the manual search, you can use these parameters:

Satellite: Eutelsat Hotbird 13° Ost

Kabelio Main Transponder 1
Frequency: 11.096 MHz
Modulation: DVB-S2 8PSK
Polarisation: horizontal
Symbolrate: 30.000
FEC: 3/4

Kabelio Main Transponder 2
Frequency: 11.526 MHz
Modulation: DVB-S2 8PSK
Polarisation: horizontal
Symbolrate: 29.700
FEC: 2/3

SRG-SSR Transponder
Frequency: 10.971 MHz
Modulation: DVB-S2 QPSK
Polarisation: horizontal
Symbolrate: 29.700
FEC: 2/3

France TV Transponder
Frequency: 11.681 MHz
Modulation: DVB-S2 8PSK
Polarisation: horizontal
Symbolrate: 27.500
FEC: 3/4

After a successful channel search, you can detect the Kabelio channels in the list of channels of your reception device simply by their names. The Kabelio channels start with the suffix "Kabelio". For example "Kabelio 3+", "Kabelio BBC One" or "Kabelio RTL CH".

You can find the France TV and SRG-SSR channels in your list of channels without the suffix "Kabelio" e.g. "SRF 1 HD" or "France 2 HD".

New channels on Kabelio

We have expanded our offering of programs for you at the beginning of April 2023.

On transponder 1, n-tv is now additionally available. The Kabelio Info channel is now also located on transponder 1. On transponder 2, the channels Kabelio Leman Bleu, Film4 - and already in February 2023 ITV2 and ITV4 - were added. The channel M6 on transponder 2 has been replaced by M6 Music. M6 can now be received on the France TV transponder together with the new channels W9 and 6ter.

Kabelio Transponder 1

  • Kabelio 3+
  • Kabelio 4+
  • Kabelio 5+
  • Kabelio 6+
  • Kabelio TV24
  • Kabelio TV25
  • Kabelio S1
  • Kabelio TeleZüri
  • Kabelio Puls acht
  • Kabelio ORF1
  • Kabelio ORF2 Tirol
  • Kabelio ORF III
  • Kabelio ORF SPORT+
  • Kabelio RTL CH
  • Kabelio RTLZWEI CH
  • Kabelio VOX CH
  • Kabelio Super RTL
  • Kabelio SAT.1 CH
  • Kabelio ProSieben CH
  • Kabelio Kabel eins CH
  • Kabelio Das Erste
  • Kabelio ZDF
  • Kabelio n-tv
  • Kabelio Info
Kabelio Transponder 2
  • Kabelio Blue Zoom D
  • Kabelio SWISS1
  • Kabelio auftanken.TV
  • Kabelio TELE BÄRN
  • Kabelio Tele M1
  • Kabelio Telebasel
  • Kabelio Tele 1
  • Kabelio TVO
  • Kabelio TV Südostschweiz
  • Kabelio CH
  • Kabelio Leman Bleu
  • Kabelio TF1
  • Kabelio M6 Music 
  • Kabelio Canale 5
  • Kabelio BBC One
  • Kabelio BBC Two
  • Kabelio BBC three / CBBC
  • Kabelio BBC Four / CBeeBies
  • Kabelio ITV 1
  • Kabelio ITV 2
  • Kabelio ITV 4 
  • Kabelio Channel 4
  • Kabelio Channel 5
  • Kabelio Film4
  • Kabelio ViaSport Xtra UK

SRG SSR Transponder

  • SRF 1
  • SRF 2
  • SRF Info
  • RSI LA 1
  • RSI LA 2
  • RTS Un
  • RTS Deux
France TV Transponder

  • France 2 HD
  • France 3
  • France 4
  • France 5
  • M6
  • W9
  • 6ter


What is Kabelio?

Kabelio is a satellite offer for Switzerland. Besides the SRG channels, the channels offered by Kabelio include many national and international programmes from the cable TV. 

What do I need to receive Kabelio?

For the reception of Kabelio, you require satellite reception via Eutelsat Hotbird 13°, an HD TV or a satellite receiver with a free slot for a CI+ module as well as the Kabelio access module.

Which channels can I receive through Kabelio?

Kabelio offers a wide range of more than 30 TV channels. These include all SRG channels as well as many German and international channels.

I already receive the SRG channels via satellite. Can I then also receive Kabelio?

For the reception of Kabelio, you require the Kabelio access module. Since the SRG channels are included in the Kabelio programme offer, you can keep receiving the programmes with the Kabelio access module. A Sat-Access card is not necessary.

How much does Kabelio cost?

Prerequisite for the reception of Kabelio is the Kabelio access module. The one-time cost of the access module is CHF 59.00 (UVP) and includes a 3-month free access to the Kabelio programme offer.

After the expiry of 3 months, you can extend the access by 3 months (CHF 49.00), 6 months (CHF 79.00 or 12 months (CHF 149.00) at a time.

How can I activate my 3-month free access?

You can activate your free access on the Kabelio website at For the activation, you need the Kabelio card number. You can find the card number on the Kabelio access module. After successful registration, the free access will be enabled and will end automatically after 3 months. A valid Swiss home address is required for the registration. 

What happens after the expiry of my Kabelio access?

After the expiry of the Kabelio access, you can no longer receive the Kabelio programme offer. To continue to receive the programme offer, you must extend the access to Kabelio. 

How can I extend my Kabelio access?

You can easily extend your Kabelio access online through your Kabelio account on the Kabelio website.

How can I terminate my Kabelio access?

You do not have to terminate your Kabelio access. Kabelio is not a subscription. After the expiry of the access authorisation, you can no longer receive the Kabelio programme offer. Also, no fees will be charged any longer.

Where can I find my Kabelio card number?

You can find your 11-digit Kabelio card number on the Kabelio access module.

How can I find out how long my access will still be active?

You can check how long your access will still be active in your Kabelio account on the Kabelio website simply by entering your Kabelio access number.

What happens if I extend my Kabelio access before my access authorisation has expired? 

The Kabelio extension will be added to your existing access. For example, if you still have 2 months' access and order an extension for 12 months, you will have 14 months of access to the Kabelio programme offer after a successful extension.