New frequencies

For technical reasons, we unfortunately have to change the frequency of Kabelio Transponder 2, which was previously received on the frequency 11.526 MHz.
In order to make the switchover as uninterrupted as possible for you, the affected channels will be broadcast twice until 01.05.2024. If your receiver cannot find the channels automatically, please perform a channel scan. The channels on the previous transponder 2 (11.526 MHz) will be renamed on 20.04. and will then begin with “Bis 1.5.:” instead of “Kabelio”. For example, you will find Telezüri in the channel list under “Bis 1.5.: Telezüri” or BBC1 under “Til 1.5.: BBC1”.
As before, the channels on the new frequency begin with “Kabelio”. So “Kabelio Telezüri” or “Kabelio BBC1”.
The new frequency and the affected channels can be found in the following overview.
Kabelio Transponder 2 (New frequency)
Channels on Transponder 2
Kabelio Blue Zoom DKabelio Canale 5
Kabelio SWISS1Kabelio BBC One
Kabelio auftanken.TVKabelio BBC Two
Kabelio TELE BÄRNKabelio BBC three / CBBC
Kabelio Tele M1Kabelio BBC Four / CBeeBies
Kabelio TelebaselKabelio ITV 1
Kabelio Tele 1Kabelio ITV 2
Kabelio TVOKabelio ITV 3
Kabelio TV SüdostschweizKabelio ITV 4
Kabelio CHKabelio Channel 4
Leman BleuKabelio Channel 5
Kabelio TF1Kabelio Film4
Kabelio M6 MusicKabelio RTL9